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VOIP and your 2016 fiscal budgets

VOIP and your 2016 fiscal budgets

With our 2016 fiscal budgets on the forefront of our minds as we move into the new year, it’s no secret why Voice Over IP is leading the way for business telecommunications. By utilizing your current internet connection, Voice Over IP provides the highest quality voice service available and can cut your phone cost up to 50%.

Are you ready to cut your business phone cost? Here are our top reasons to choose voice over IP.

1. No hardware to install. All you need is your current internet connection and an IP phone.

2. Scaled to size. Adding or removing lines is easy and effortless using your customer portal.

3. Little to no maintenance. Voice related downtime is a thing of the past with the high availability offered with a voice over IP solution.

4. Ability to keep your existing numbers including fax.

5. The most features available on the market.

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