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The education industry, ranging from K-12 as well as undergraduate and graduate universities require a significant amount of IT services.

At Zella Technologies, we are here to provide cost-effective solutions regardless of what kind of institution you have.

We are capable of optimizing classrooms, setting up online classrooms, and providing logistical solutions that make sense for what your teachers and students require.

We are able to provide preventative maintenance on computers, on-site repair for upgrading hardware and updating software, as well as setting up a network and Wi-Fi around campus.

Our goal is to save you money and improve efficiency throughout your operations. We understand that educational institutions are unique. There is office staff, educators, as well as students – and everyone has different IT needs. We understand these needs and have IT services that can make a substantial difference in the way that you operate. Office staff, educators, and students alike will love the changes that can be made across campus.

Set up a free consultation with you today to discover your IT challenges and create unique solutions that are capable of keeping you better connected for less.

We will save your IT Costs

Our goal :

Our goal is to save you money and improve efficiency throughout your operations.

Impact on your business:

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