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Managed Security & Compliance

Zella Technologies has announced new managed security and compliance assistance services to protect businesses and mitigate the risk of cyber threats. These services will give Zella Technologies clients ‘holistic’ coverage across cover complex, multi-cloud environments, it claims.


Throughout the healthcare industry, there is what is known as the HIPAA privacy rule. Security standards need to be in place to provide and protect patients’ privacy. This requires a significant amount of IT security and compliance to be in place – and Zella Technologies has the tools and solutions to help every step of the way.

HIPAA is an abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. There are a variety of information security considerations that are in place as personally identifiable information moves throughout the healthcare system.


Security is an ongoing issue – and many company don’t realize that they don’t have sufficient security in place until they have experienced a data breach.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is – you are vulnerable to being hacked and having your data compromised.

At Zella Technologies, we are able to secure your data and digital assets.

We can perform a full security audit to show you where the current vulnerabilities lie. We can then make recommendations on how to improve your firewall, secure your networks, and strengthen your overall data security measures.

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