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Session Initiation Protocol :

SIP is Session Initiation Protocol – and has to do with telecommunications. In the world of VoIP, SIP is a call setup protocol that can deliver a wide range of benefits to your business. It is extremely flexible and allows real-time multimedia sessions between various participants.

Whether you are constantly setting up telecommunications conferences with managers and/or clients from around the country or you want to communicate with some of your customers on a face-to-face basis, there are various options available to you.

You will have the ability to reduce your telecommunications bill through unlimited SIP trunks and Zella Technologies can show you how.

You have the ability to enjoy a flat rate and contract free solution for all of your incoming calls as well as long-distance and maintenance. You are not limited by the number of minutes – and this is also ideal for large call centers.

The best part about SIP trunking is that it can work with your existing phone system. There is no hardware or wiring involved. You can simply enjoy reliable phone service that is more affordable than ever before.

Reduced Telecommunication Bills

No Time Limit

Easy Setup

Unlimited SIP trunks benefits :

    • ​Audio multicast meetings
    • ​Instant messaging
    • ​User availability
    • ​Session management

Redundant Links :

Calls can be rerouted if there is an emergency or system failure and there is a level of redundancy running in the background at all times, further increasing your phone systems reliability. Forward calls to mobile phones if needed to keep your business up and running – or simply to provide convenience.

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