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When something breaks, whether it’s a computer or your entire network, it can seem as though the world is over. It can cause a significant amount of downtime within your business – and this is never a good thing. Zella Technologies can provide on-site/break fix services.

We are capable of resolving all of your IT issues in person with the power of more than 15,000 technicians from around the country. If we are unable to fix what is going on remotely, one of our technicians can be on-site in no time at all. With our network of technicians, we can dispatch the one with the proper skill set for the issues that you are currently dealing with.

All of our technicians have a wide range of tools – and the goal is always to repair the unit or the problem in a single trip.

You don’t want to call multiple IT companies in order to receive a repair. This can lead to significant costs as well as the potential for further problems. Not all technicians are as qualified and experienced as ours are – and this should give you peace of mind when you rely on Zella Technologies.


You may not have IT technicians on your payroll, and even if you do, they may not be able to resolve all of the IT issues that you are going to deal with throughout the year. It’s important that you handle every break efficiently so that it is resolved quickly to get you back up and running. The longer you are down, the more it can cost you – and we want to prevent all of this from happening.

Contact us today to learn more about our on-site repairs from qualified technicians spread out across the entire United States.

What can we fix?

  • ​Computers
  • ​Networks
  • ​Servers
  • ​Printers
  • ​Much more!

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