Cloud Services

The future of business IT cuts costs while optimizing collaboration, data security, system management, and much more

Utilize the power of the internet to house your company’s servers and store its precious data and software

With Zella Technologies’ Cloud Services, SMBs can streamline daily operations while we handle the setup and maintenance. For an affordable monthly fee, we’ll manage your systems off-site, implement stringent cyber-security protocols, and provide remote, on-demand access, so you can focus on your business. We’ll eliminate the burden of high hardware maintenance costs, integrate all your productivity apps, and improve collaboration, agility, and productivity.

Empower the future of your business

Transition to our cloud services and enjoy:

  • Scalability – expand or reduce computing power and resources to meet demand
  • Affordability – eliminate expensive hardware and maintenance costs, while only paying for what you use
  • Reliability – always-available IT infrastructure and data with no downtime
  • Security – round-the-clock monitoring and robust cyber protections guarantee networks and data are never corrupted

Cloud Backup DRaaS

Protect your data and organization from downtime caused by minor disruptions and major disasters

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Infrastructure as a Service

Migrate your software, systems, and files to the cloud without worrying about compatibility

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Cloud Workspace

Access your business apps and files from any internet-connected device

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