Cloud Backup DRaaS

Protect your organization from downtime caused by minor disruptions and major disasters

Regardless of what your IT infrastructure consists of, reliable data backups are imperative. You’ll never know when a data loss event or a disaster will strike, so you also need to be sure that you can get back to business fast. Otherwise, every second spent waiting for recovery and every bit of data lost reduces productivity and undermines customer and partner confidence.

To avoid these outcomes, you need Zella Technologies’s Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. Our subscription-based offering provides comprehensive backup capabilities, quick and reliable recovery, and flexible cross-platform system migration that supports any operating system on physical or virtual servers.

Benefits of Zella Technologies’s Cloud Backup DRaaS include:

  • Image-based backups that ensure data remains consistent on internal, removable, or network storage locations
  • Full-system and individual file recovery in minutes, not hours
  • Quick restoration of files to the same virtual or on-premises server so you can locate them easily
  • Easy image conversion to any format of your choice
  • Support for any hypervisor platform: VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Linux, and more
  • Flexible subscription models that let you scale up or down anytime

Zella Technologies’s multi-tiered Data Backup service protects businesses of any size, with any amount of data, from any eventuality.

The backups occur in real time, which means you’ll never lose data by not saving. Additionally, replicated backups on Zella Technologies’ cloud platform with built-in archiving allows you to easily restore individual files or entire databases on demand from any device.

Eliminate the risk of buying the wrong IT services

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